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Life Inventory Assessment (LIA), Self-Study, 1yr Membership

Life Inventory Assessment (LIA), Self-Study, 1yr Membership

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Unlock Your Life in 20 Minutes: SEE Your Map and Start Improving TODAY.

The Life Inventory Assessment (LIA) is your pathway to clarity, balance, and actionable insights in just 15-20 minutes. It evaluates thirteen (13) key life areas across five (5) well-being measures, providing a comprehensive understanding of your priorities and fulfillment levels. Visually see a snapshot of your life, prioritize action, and see your progress towards a happier and more purposeful existence.

Includes: Initial Life Inventory Assessment (LIA), Life Map (LIA results & basic explanations), 1 year of access to your Life Map(s) and LIA retakes online - for monitoring & tracking progress.


🗺️ Life Map Visualization: Gain clarity on life priorities and well-being metrics at a glance.

⏱️ 20-Minute Assessment: Quick evaluation saves time while delivering valuable insights.

📄 80+ Page Personalized Life Map Report: Gain an in-depth understanding of your life through detailed analysis and personalized insights that highlight areas for improvement and growth.

🎯 Prioritized Actionable Insights: Know where to focus for meaningful change with actionable steps.

🔄 Comprehensive Well-being Metrics: Assess happiness, time allocation, engagement, capabilities, and emotional activation.

🧠 Self-awareness Prompting: Foster self-awareness through reflection prompts and visual feedback.

📈 Progress Feedback: Monitor achievements and identify areas for improvement over time.

🖥️ User-friendly Interface: Navigate effortlessly through intuitive visualizations and tool tips.

💪 Empowering Personal Growth: Make informed decisions for a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

⏳ Time-saving Convenience: Spend less time assessing and more time living with purpose.

💻 1 Year of Retakes: Retake LIA as often as you like, we suggest monthly and access your assessments as often as you like. 

💲 Affordable Pricing: Only $8.08 per month for a year of membership, making personal growth accessible to all.

The Life Inventory Assessment (LIA) offers a transformative journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive insights, and actionable recommendations, LIA empowers you to navigate life's complexities with clarity and purpose.

Self-Study: Dive into your well-being journey today with LIA's self-study option. Gain access to a year of membership, enabling continuous progress tracking and personal growth at your own pace.

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