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2024 BASE Marketing MAP (eCourse & pdf download) PRE-PURCHASE

2024 BASE Marketing MAP (eCourse & pdf download) PRE-PURCHASE

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PRE-PURCHASE (90% Off):  Get the pdf download now and the mini-eCourse when it is released (ETA: June 2024)

2024 BASE Marketing MAP Description:

Enhance your marketing game with the 2024 BASE Marketing MAP – a concise 1-page PDF that acts as your strategic guide to successful selling. This visual map carefully outlines 18 crucial marketing elements, intelligently categorized into three key sections: Marketing Strategy, 11 Marketing Elements, and Marketing Actualization.


Visual Aid (Map): A visually appealing and intuitively designed map provides a quick overview of the entire marketing strategy, making it easy to understand and implement.

Printable: Convenience at your fingertips! The PDF format allows users to easily print the Marketing MAP for quick reference, ensuring that your marketing strategy is always within reach.

Equip your business with the 2024 Marketing MAP – your key to navigating the complex landscape of marketing, fostering growth, and achieving meaningful outcomes. Download now for a strategic advantage in the competitive world of commerce.

*Every penny from this purchase goes towards: PROJECT Restoration.EARTH

**50% Tuition Discount for Healers, Artists, Lightworkers and Others doing good in the world (aka, evolving consciousness) HALOs, apply at:

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